Growing cannabis in an indoor growing hydroponics style culltivation method

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What is hydroponics?

Hydroponics is a term used for growing plants in a medium without soil. This can sometimes be referred to as soil-less growing. It is the preferred method for professionals growing cannabis indoors. It produces a more quality flower, more consistently with lower risk of bugs and molds with three times the growth speed over soil growing methods, achieving up to double the number of harvests a soil system can in a year. You will reduce quite a bit of labor, water, and nutrients with a hydroponics system, making it favored by commercial growers and busy individuals alike.

What are the downsides?

A hydroponics system can cost more upfront then a soil growing system as they involve more equipment. Pump filters and feed tanks need extra care in cleaning.

If running any aeroponics or rock-wool systems on a larger scale you will need to have a generator on hand to avoid crop dehydration.

The perks are through

the roof!

The benefits of going with an automated hydroponics system are huge. All the professional cannabis cultivators go hydro, here's why -

  • Increase crop turnover time

  • 3x faster growth speed

  • Larger buds

  • Product consistency

  • Reduced water consumption

  • Full automation

  • Reduce labor

  • Reduce bugs and molds

  • Wifi controllable systems

  • Increase product potency

  • Richer terpene profile

  • Larger flowers

  • More control over your plants

  • Organic or vegan based nutrients

    We install custom systems too,

if you can dream it, we can build it!

4 Common Hydroponic Methods


Rock-wool (Drain to waste)


Rock wool drain to waste style growing can be done in single blocks, cube, and slab. This is a great method for ease of maintenance or large scale indoor farming applications like micro cultivation that are transitioning from soil or want an easy hydroponic method


Nutrient Film Technique


Nutrient film technique is a method where the nutrient solution is passed over the roots and is great for someone stepping up from a drain to waste system


Deep Water Culture


Deepwater culture is commonly done in 5-gallon buckets and is best for growing larger bushes or trees. This system requires a bit more equipment for water control than the previous two methods




Aeroponics and high-pressure aeroponics are some of the most advanced hydroponic methods and are recommended for people with some experience

Dan and his team are professionals when it comes to construction and planing in the cannabis revolution. Dan's knowledge and expertise are second to none and his custom buildings and grow operations are the future on this "budding" industry. Everything from site plans and blueprints to contractors and pricing, these guys are professionals. I recommend Dan for anyone looking for professionalism and extensive knowledge in this industry

-Marshall, Grass Roots

Custom Deep Water Culture Hydroponics

Deep water culture is a method of hydroponics that your plant sits in a net-pot and the roots grow into a bucket of aerated water that recirculated through the entire system. Instead of the roots living in the air with nutrients brought to them, this is reversed, the roots sit in the nutrients and the oxygen is brought to them.


  • Fill a large space with minimal plant numbers

  • Grow large bushes indoors

  • Can handle 360-degree lighting or (tops & drops) style lighting

  • The best system in case of a power outage

  • Fast growth speed

  • No mediums to change other than small net-pot

  • Reduced labor

  • One of the best systems for plants flushing phases

  • Scalable to any size

  • Fully automated

Our custom deep water culture hydroponics systems are engineered with decades of experience behind them and all systems are custom built to the customer's needs.

Drip Rockwool Drain-to-Waste

Rock-wool drain to waste is an excellent system for the scalability and ease of maintenance that many large scaled cannabis facilities need. You will see a lot of both beginners and professional growers using this method with its tidy clean-up and excellent absorption rate, while not really being able to over-water.

Its ease of operation extends into the cloning and vegetative as well. Being square cubes of even proportions they fit uniformly together on cloning trays and vegetative racks. Making this an easy method for busy, large-scale production.


  • Easy transplanting

  • Less equipment needed over other hydroponic methods

  • Nearly impossible to overwater

  • Sanitary and hard for bugs to walk on

  • Highly scalable and easy to add or remove plants

  • Low vegetative time, quicker crop turnovers

  • Fully automated

Our custom drain to waste style hydroponics systems come in 1'x6', 1'x8', 3'x3', 4'x4',3'x6' and 4'x8' sizing and will be designed to fit any floor plan.

The nutrient film technique can be used for more than 4 plants, however, it works excellent to utilize smaller all in one system like this. The plant sits in small expanded clay pebbles that are sterile and do not absorb water. This medium is often used in many of the hydroponic methods other then rock-wool and coconut husk.

This method is excellent for gaining the most out of only 4 plants and can easily fill a 5'x5' area. If you want to fill a larger area with 4 plants deep water culture or a more spaced apart nutrient film technique like this one would be ideal.

How we can fill a larger space with the same amount of plants?

Indoor growing allows you to fine-tune the environment and lighting schedule to your needs. This means you can control how long the plant stays in the "vegetative" cycle or (18 hours light, 6 hours dark). This will keep the plant growing larger before you initiate the "flowering" cycle or (12 hours light, 12 hours dark). By keeping the plant in the vegetative cycle for longer then when they are spaced close together you can control how big the bushes get and fill a larger space with the same amount of plants.


  • Washable medium

  • Fast growth

  • Fully automated

  • Low cost

  • Grow large plants

  • Clean and organized

Our custom nutrient film technique can be for 4 plants or designed to fit any sized space. The design team will work with you and you're grow room(s) space to design the best floor plan.

Nutrient Film Technique


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