Micro cultivation cannabis facility with

3 Best Micro Cultivation Floor Plan

  Micro cultivation licenses will permit up to 200 square meters or 2,150 square feet of flowering canopy space. Choose from our top 3 micro cultivation floor plan designs or have our team create a custom facility for you.  Our designs are tried, tested and true, approved by Health Canada and created by master growers with decades of experience and licensed engineers.

“Before anything else, preparation is the key to success.”

~ Alexander Graham Bell, inventor


With decades of experience designing, building, and operating large-scale cannabis facilities, creating turn-key micro cultivation facilities came easy to us. Our micro cultivation floor plans and growing systems designed by master cannabis grower, Daniel Vaillancourt, and licensed engineers is certain to impress.

The micro cultivation floor plan is provided in (DWG/PDF) file format and are (CAD) construction ready. All micro cultivation facilities carefully maximize the 200 square meter flowering canopy allowance while incorporating the strict micro cultivation floor plan, workflow, and 16+ rooms required by Health Canada.


Facilities come designed with all needed working rooms  nurseries, shipping/ receiving bays, trimming, and many more.

What You Get

Blueprints come with Health Canada regulatory floor plan and workflow, grow environments, c02 & HVAC, grow lighting, fertigation, nursery, growing systems, as well as an average of 17 different required working rooms by Health Canada for micro cultivation or license producer facilities. 


You will receive a detailed hydroponic supplies list that is customizable to suit your budgets and needs. Explaining all growing equipment needed and extending our wholesale cost for purchasing. All equipment is shipped free of charge Canada wide, discreatly packaged.

Building materials needed to comply with regulations is suggested with links to our contractors and suppliers.

  •   HVAC requirements

  •   Preferred wall liners

  •   List of all growing equipment

  •   Hydroponics systems

  •   Grow lighting layout

  •   Environmental controls

  •   Fully customizable automation

Custom sized facilities and existing structures are designed regularly. Pricing starts at $1.50 (CAD) per square foot.


4,130 Square feet

This micro cultivation floor plan has flower rooms running with a vertical farming commercial racking system on tracks to keep its size compact. Flowering rooms must run LED lighting. Commonly rock-wool drain to waste for the grow system but others available.



6,000 Square feet

Apollo  has been carefully designed with large rock wool drain to waste flowering rooms on a table growing system.This facility can run any style of lighting.

*Growing system can be altered to suit customer's needs.



8,000 Square foot

Hydra is the largest micro cultivation floor plan we design. A true beast, designed to grow large trees in a recirculating deep water culture style hydroponic system, utilizing top and side lighting to grow trees in the 6' - 8' range.


4 Core Regulatory Requirments

In Becomming a Micro Cultivator


Placing your new cannabis venture

Selecting the space for your new micro cultivation facility is crucial for success. When building from the ground up we design and suggest facilities to be built with all-steel, non-combustible construction.  It is very important to keep cleanliness at top priority and with this in mind, wood is not used for the construction of these facilities.

The area chosen for your micro cultivator project can be agriculture land or industrial but must not be residential and in most cases, not commercial land due to the disturbance factor of neighboring businesses. Separate micro facilities on the same property may be licensed individually. However, only one license per unique address may be attached.

* You will want an area large enough to build a 4,500 - 8,000 Square foot building.

* Ensure that your area can be zoned for cannabis cultivation.

1. "Only one license per unique address"


Constructed to perfection

Recreational growing facilities and a  micro cultivation floor plan must have a strict workflow and good growing practices in place. Incorporating all the necessary rooms, building materials, and movement within the facility is crucial to obtaining a green light from Health Canada. We have worked with many legal, recreational cannabis facilities throughout Canada over the past 20 years and have a strong understanding of how to ensure your facility passes inspections. We are fully confident in our floor-plans for both the proper workings of a growing environment and Health Canada's strict guidelines.

A fully built-out facility must be in place with the right workflow and growing systems & practices for approval, this is where we come in. Our facilities are designed with fully automated hydroponics and medical-grade interior structures. Complete with shipping & receiving bays, trimming rooms, nurseries, decontamination chambers, and much more.

* Facility must be in place and able to operate prior to submission for approval.

* Submitting a professionally engineered & designed facility plan expedites the process.

2. "limit of 200 square meters of growing space."

3. "A fully built-out facility must be in place."


Build it, and they will come

Now that you have your land and your facility built, its time to get your facility passed with Health Canada. Once you have your facility constructed you now have exactly what Health Canada wants to see in order to approve your licensing..

We can help walk you through the application process. Once you have your working facility at a turn-key stage, receiving your application approval is a breeze. Produces must follow good production practices. Our (GPP) plans are designed by a master grower, dialed over decades of hands-on experience.


When you are approved by Health Canada you may begin operations. We will always be available to answer any questions you have or put your team on a monthly consulting program.

4. "Producers must follow good production practices"





SEALED GROWING ENVIRONMENTS - Fully sealed grow rooms mean you have full control of your environments. Without invitation of mold, bugs or unwanted heat and humidity and the ability to keep the area saturated with c02. Increasing yield by 30% - 40%


AUTOMATION - Enjoy more time with the plants and over 70% reduction in labor as opposed to manual soil growth with automated feeding/ draining, lighting, fertilization, and environmental control.


HYDROPONICS - Reap the benefits of 3X the growth speed and vigor while easily achieving consistent, heavy weight harvests of quad quality flowers using our simple to run systems.


SOP PLANS & GOOD PRODUCTION PRACTICES (GPP) - Take comfort in our carefully designed standard operating procedures catered to your specific growing style and facility. Our GPP plans have been dialed over decades of hands on testing.


1,500 PPM OF C02 - Achieve a constant 1,500 PPM of C02 during the day cycle without loss or huge costs with our sealed rooms and gain a 30% - 40% increase in yield.


HEALTH CANADA APPROVED FLOOR-PLAN - Have your facility designed in a lab-style working manor with Health Canada's interests and sensitization at top priority. Approved and finalized by licensed engineers.


WHOLESALE EQUIPMENT PRICES - When working with 4Trees for your grow room planning you gain access to detailed material lists and wholesale hydroponics equipment pricing.


CLEAN & EASY TO KEEP THAT WAY - Our facilities are designed with cleanliness in mind. Interlocking PVC wall liners, low profile steel walls & antibacterial floors.


ON DEMAND CUSTOMER SUPPORT - Offering unrivaled customer support, consulting programs, feeding charts catered to your facility, and more.


TECHNOLOGY THAT'S TESTED - Having over 2 decades of experience in this field we have tested all the latest technology and only recommend the best lighting, systems and brands.


SAVE WATER & NUTRIENTS  - Save up to 90% water consumption with our growing methods depending on the hydroponics system.

Where Do I Start?

So, you want to enter the recreational cannabis industry and start a micro cultivation facility but you're not quite sure where to start?

No problem, that's what we are here for. Our goal is to streamline the process for you and help you grow huge yields of craft quality cannabis with ease.

Every good business starts with a well thought out plan and that's where we need to start. Our plans are designed by master grower, (Daniel Vaillancourt) along with licensed engineers to ensure your success.

Learn more about our designs here.

"Every good business starts with a well thought out plan, and that's where we need to start."


You have your land, we have provided build-ready blueprints and it's time to begin construction.

You have a few options now. You can tackle the project management and construction yourself and just go off our plans or have the 4 Trees Cannabis Building team build your facility and handle the project management for any HVAC, plumbing, building erectors, etc.


  1. Health Canada approved floor plan

  2. Growing systems blueprints and manual

  3. HVAC requirements, equipment & pricing

  4. Lighting power load, equipment & pricing

  5. Hydroponic equipment list

  6. Professional (CAD) designs

  7. Approved by licensed engineers

  8. High definition copies laminated & digital

  9. Good production practices

Learn more about building here.

"We have provided build-ready blueprints and its time to begin construction"

Micro cultivation project

- Facility built by 4 Trees Cannabis Building in 2017 on Vancouver Island, B.C

Growing System

Commercial cultivation requires an automated system, reducing as much manual labor as possible. Keeping labor costs down and offering more time with the plants.


Hydroponics is the preferred method for most professional indoor commercial growers. This is because of its scalability, cleanliness, and speed of growth among other things.

Depending on the growing facility (vertical farming or traditional) and the customer's end product preferences, we would determine the best automated hydroponics system for your needs.

Hydroponics systems vary from medium rich methods to the roots living in air tight chambers with the nutrients brought to them via fog. They can be as simplified as they can be complex, but the right method depends on the skill level entering the operation or the clients requirements such as top flower production, large tree style growth, extract production etc.


Although there are more hydroponic methods, these are our favorites.

  1. Drain to waste

  2. Nutrient film technique

  3. Deepwater culture

  4. Aeroponics and high-pressure aeroponics

  5. Fogponics and high-pressure fogponics

As confusing as this may all seem when starting out, we simplify this with our planning and detailed project management. Systems are fully automated and timed, so you can leave the hard part to us and just sit back and reap the benefits of a fully automated system.

Learn more about the different hydroponic systems here.

"Hydroponics is the preferred method for most professional indoor commercial growers."

rock wool hydroponic growing system

- System was built by 4 Trees Cannabis Building in 2015 , Victoria, B.C


Grow lighting has come a long way since the basic old high pressure sodium lights. You have a wide array of lighting to choose from, and it can be daunting to pick.

Understanding a small amount about grow lighting and the terminology is a great place to start.

PAR is a measurement of light within the range of 400-700nm with the 400nm area being the blue wavelength and the 700nm wavelength being red's.  This represents the area of light that plants use to grow. PPFD or photosynthetic photon flux density. PPFD measures the amount of PAR that makes it to the cannabis plant.

Growing styles are equally as diverse as lighting choices. Selecting the right lighting to work with your facility is an important decision that we will simplify for you. To give you an example, if we are setting up a vertical farming facility then we will be using LED lighting. There is no way that double ended high intensity discharge lighting would work in a vertical growing style as its far too close to the plants.

There is no perfect light for every setup. However,

LED lighting has come a long way if using the right brands and can offer some of the same results if not more then leading double ended lighting with higher terpens and THC content due to the UV emitted by certain LED lights. We only offer the brands that are tried, tested and true with our facility designs. There are many inexpensive LED lights off Amazon and other sites, however, they do not seem to produce the same yields as something like the Gavita LED's. We find that the every different system and facility has a different category of lights you may choose from.


  1. Fluorescent (seeds & clones)

  2. High pressure sodium (flowering air-cooled)

  3. Metal halide (vegetative air-cooled)

  4. Double ended HPS (Commercial, high ceilings)

  5. LED (Starters, commercial or small-scale)

  6. Sulfur plasma lighting (lowest power draw)

Watch a video on our LED lighting grow room installs over 2019


 "Growing styles are equally as diverse as lighting choices."

LED lighting over hydroponics.jpg

- Grow room built by 4 Trees Cannabis Building in 2018, Langford, B.C

Consulting for hydroponics grow.jpg

4 trees cannabis did an amazing job at my site.  Dan and I discussed ideas over the phone and he  was very informative and never once asked me for money.  I never felt pressured and once I decided to go ahead with his services everything was done professionally and on a timely manner .  Dan and his team are very positive and creative, they can work with any layout and obstacle , even though my site  was a bit of a task and I had concerns  they managed to go beyond my expectations.
Till this day I am still currently in contact with Dan and he’s always been there to help me if I had any questions or concerns.  I would highly recommend this company and I’m looking forward to working on another site with them  in the near future.

— Name, Title

grow room building.jpg

Thank you Dan! beautiful design. Great gear. Dan and team are really the best. Customer service is top notch. If you are building/starting a micro or want to become the next lp you need to talk to 4 Trees. Even if you are a Professional, This team will ease your transition. 5 stars all around!

— Chase Culpan, 7-Leaf Industries Micro-Cultivation


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